Wednesday, January 15, 2014


So I got this cool sample to try: HERSHEY's Spread. If you know me, you know I love chocolate, have devoured far more than my body weight in Hershey's over my lifetime, and really love eating sweet spreads off a spoon… (remember all the frosting Freshman year Heather???)

I also am quite fond of Nutella, so I knew I would like the spread. I asked for Chocolate with Almonds to mix it up a bit, and it's been wonderful! The spread itself has this creamy, silky texture-- not mealy like chocolate peanut butter-- and it's a bit thicker than Nutella. It's a lot like a good, thick chocolate frosting. Since the texture passed muster, I thought about the taste. At first, I was taken aback because it was not as Hershey-y as I expected, but then I remembered the almond and when I changed my expectations for the spread, I fell in love. It's so much better than a Hershey's with Almonds bar, and it is nuttier than Nutella without letting the nuts overpower the chocolate, like chocolate peanut butter. A++ for flavor.

My next job (after consuming a spoonful or four) was to try the spread on a number of different things, which I did over the course of the weekend.

Toast with Hershey's Spread and Dried Cranberries was a stellar breakfast when I had to get up super early. Observe:

Next, spread on crackers for a snack, which wasn't quiet as good as the toast. But it was fantastic on crepes! 

The Hershey's spread was excellent with apples-- the nutty, sweet, tart, and creamy went together really well:

But my absolute favorite was this:

A Giant marshmallow, a generous helping go Hershey's spread, and sprinkle with sprinkles-- decedent, delicious, and plenty of sweet to last me all afternoon. 

In conclusion, I really liked this product and would get it instead of Nutella next time I'm looking for a chocolate spread. I also have to be careful with it-- I like it too much! 

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