Monday, September 27, 2010

Weddings and Things

Lazing in the sun, letting the breeze play with my hair, and not having anything to do, any hurry or worry: my present state. Sure, there are things to do, like Spanish practice and laundry and cleaning. Yes, Community groups start tonight and this computer needs a new battery. But this day calls me to reflect and enjoy.

I went to a high school friend's wedding last night and it was lovely, so pretty and elegant, simple but wonderful. At this wedding were most of my high school band friends-- including my two high school exes (let's just assume everyone is from high school okay). Awkward you say? Maybe a bit.

Seeing everyone from high school made me think about my relationships to them as well as how I've changed since then. I would love to go back and tell high-school-Cait to not be such a fraidy-nerd and live life fully! That she is smart, talented, and beautiful and needs to be more concerned on building her friendships rather than her resume. High-school-Cait was a fairly cold, reserved girl with more thoughts than feelings and more eco tendencies than love tendencies. I hope I have grown since then and moved beyond the girl who forced dating relationships to happen while abandoning her friends, the girl who made life work her way rather than learn to go with the ebbing tides. I dance more now. I take my shoes off and run around soccer fields. God has poured blessing on me as I learned to give more to him and take on less of my own life.

And, of course, I have learned to fly with dragons.
But that is another story.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The moon is bright tonight

I have returned from my long sojourn into summer's fields, a land dotted with breakfast cereal and pop tarts, balloons and ball point pens, pencil sharpeners and packed lunches-- the land of children. Fortress children to be exact.
And now I have plunged into the icy waters of responsibility for my own future while holding some of theirs in my over-eager hands. School. Work. Fortress. Friends. Family. Socializing.
Of course, over all this goes God and my commitment to a real, working relationship with him. Life is so much more exciting these days.

Tonight, I wan to tell you about the night though. The nights when I waltz into the apartment and find my loving roommates have done the dishes for the day. The nights when my homecoming seems exciting for more than just me. Nights when we can amble around this beautiful campus and talk about anything and everything. I love the nights.

I love walking out from work and having a cool breeze skirl around my braid, pulling at my careful plait and my airy clothes. I love having clothes that flutter in the breeze. Looking up the the silky sky and finding a shimmering moon hovering above the prisma-color-clouds as a few stars burst from the confines of campus lighting, just for me to wish upon. Nights like tonight. Nights to be alone and write. Or sing. Or think. (go to to see the song I just composed for tonight.) Tonight, I want to be in love. And I am in Love.
Tonight sings of beauty and joy and love.
Tonight is a Narnia all my own.
Tonight is freedom.

Tell me, what do you love best about the day (full 24 hours)? Where is your freedom?