Monday, October 11, 2010


This is one of Those evenings. You know the ones. Where the moon is calling you to dance and the stars seem to sing (well, the one I can see from here). The kind of evening to grab lover boy and go walking hand in hand around the pond in the cooling breeze, watching ducks settle down for the night.

My mind will not settle for reading. Homework is a hopeless dream. Even writing doesn't appeal to me-- I want an adventure! Tonight would be the night to finally call that one particular guy and fess up. Quoting Buttercup perhaps? "I love you, I know it must sound strange..." (from the book of course.) Should I jet off to Paris, to see the city of lights on a beautiful fall night? I hear this is a good time for Boston. Or perhaps I will walk through some mirror or wardrobe or find a dragon scale and stumble into a magical land!

Alas I must content myself with small adventures here. And not calling the poor boy (who would be quiet shocked I believe. Not that I have his number anymore, I deleted that after
this fiasco. I shall wander around the lake alone, maybe reading, maybe not. I will ignore the mosquitoes and try to find all twenty stars I managed to count that one time. This night will be no different than most, my common sense overcoming my impulsive-buy-a-lot-of-ice-cream-run-screaming-jump-into-the-pool-wander-off-into-another-land-call-a-boy-type of mood. I may howl at the moon once or twice though.  Because.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Of iPhones and Better Days

Last night ended more wretched than most. Bible study was great but then driving home in the dark was no fun, I felt lonely and dramatic when I got in, and was in serious danger of languishing. So I decided to go for a walk and look for stars to cheer me up, hopefully texting a few friends in hopes of loving adoration or some such affection. Both were busy and much more interested in their evening homework than me. Ergo, I began looking up my crush on Facebook on my phone as I wondered lonely-like back to my apartment.
Then I tripped.
And dropped the precious iPhone.
Face down.
On concrete.
 I don't think spiders could create a more complicated web than that of the glass of my screen. Y'all, I felt tired, sick from allergies, and at my wits end.
I called my mom.
I cried out at the soccer field.
And made my roomie leave her movie night to give me a hug.
A friend then tipped me off that my phone could be fixed! For two hundred dollars, the Internet said. I got offline despondently kicking myself and I drowned myself in Harry Potter and went to bed.
(Not going to lie, I felt like this half happened to keep me from admiting to this guy that I like him. Every time I get in the admiting mood, something happens.

This morning, I had little motivation to do my homework-- all that I NEED to do over fall break. I just waited for the clock to hit ten so I could Call the Apple Store and know my fate. The diagnostic was hopeful but expensive. I vowed off cupcakes, eating out, movies, and any but the most necessary groceries as I drove into Dallas bleakly. Then I got there and waited anxiously waited my turn ( trying not to lust after the lovely iPad all the while). I told my story to the genius bar boy nd watched him walk away with my cracked phone, hoping it would be under a hundred to ring up. (the Internet Was wrong about the cost, thankfully). Well, I am not entirely sure what happened next, but ten minutes later, my genius boy appears and tells me his story. He knew how I felt, he sympathized with me as a three month old iPhone user. He told his boss, he examined, he Fought for me. And replaced the screen-- for free! Now that is amazing customer service! I vow to never drop my phone again, but I will always go to that store for my Apple products!

The rest of the day was average: Fortress, shopping for overpriced allergy medicine, and a long drive back to campus. But I got to listen to my favorite Sky Sailing song last. Bliss.
God has been really great today-- despite a broken phone and aweful allergies and sadness with a kid at Fortress, I feel so blessed, so taken care of and loved!

How did your day go today?