Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weddings and things

Obviously, I have marriage on the mind, not gonna lie: http://ellakkat.blogspot.com/2011/10/jitters.html

I'm living with a couple who's been married less than five years. All my older cousins are married as of June. A friend here recently got engaged and we went to a wedding fair with her while facebook keeps showing new profile pictures of friends-turned-brides and then of course there are the chick flicks and Disney movies and all.

With all these weddings around me, I am finding that singleness doesn't daunt me the way it did five months ago. I would love a boyfriend, fiance, husband-- but all in the right time. The idea of marriage and a wedding is still terribly exciting but the waiting is not so heavy as before. So many people made jokes about me finding a British boy to marry and I sort of thought that would happen-- I've heard so many stories about cross-continental love, read far too many books, and even been to one wedding (he moved to the States). And Mom seemed terrified that I would find a white knight here who would gallop me off into the misty sunset. I've spent much of the past year wanting a relationship that would lead to an engagement ring and since American boys were not obliging, surely a British guy would turn up.

A few obstacles: There are no single adult guys at Lincoln Baptist Church, which is pretty much my entire social ground, and the few guys I do meet outside the church are probably not Christians. I don't really think it's God's plan to send a husband my way while I'm in England.

Still, with all these thoughts and emotions about marriage and being married and wanting that, I am extremely content being single right now. I haven't felt the longing for a boyfriend or sharp loneliness in a really long time and it's amazing! Having real work to do, having plans for down time, encouragement from my friend Kelley and then praying constantly for God's will have helped but really God is the only one who could have eased these desires in my heart. And I am so grateful-- it's no fun to constantly feel lonely. Now the loneliness is gone without some person trying to fill a God-shaped hole. Thank you Lord for freedom!

I cannot wait to see what plans God has for me next and where I will go from here. I cannot wait to meet the man he has for me to marry. But I am content here, growing where I am planted, learning new things and new ways of doing things, and having time between school and grown-up life to rest for a moment.

God it good all the time! I am grateful to all my dear friends who are reading and praying for me. Those prayers do make a difference and I thank you!

Grace and Peace,

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