Sunday, June 27, 2010

And again...

My roommate invited me to see How to Train Your Dragon again. Of course I accepted. And it is STILL phenomenal. Go see it. Seriously. It still makes me tear up in the same places and still sets my heart longing for the glory and perfection of Heaven and really really makes me want a dragon.

I did ponder this deep desire for a flying, fire-breathing, reptilian friend and thought of what I would do for a dragon. Live in a straw hut, with wooden beds and drawing water to use and cooking over a smoky fire? Absolutely. Live in a cave, with aforementioned dragon, my only water source a cold stream near by? Yeah, I would do that. Give up books, computers, iPods, cars, heating, running water, air conditioning, most social life, and so on? I am pretty sure I would pick the dragon.

Then I wondered if I would give up God, my very heart and life. And that is a resounding no! It was an interesting thought-- give up a relationship with someone I have never physically seen or heard, only received letters from and proof of his existence through the Bible, nature, and other people. But he is so much more than SOMEONE. He is the very reason I exist. While it may feel like I should have been born in Berk, my whole reason for existence is because God decided I should. And then I thought, if I gave up my soul for a dragon, who would get my soul? Satan. And what kind of dragon would he give me? The kind from ancient stories, the dragons that ravish countrysides and eat people with one gulp. A Revelations type monster. So not only would I lose my life to this beast, I would lose my eternal life to an even worst one. King of the universe calling me daughter, loving me, providing for me, without a dragon or two seconds in the company of an awesome killing machine? Going to go with God on that one. 

So even though I want to be part of that world so so very much, I will wait. Because Heaven will be better than Berk, better than Narnia, better than dragons. God keeps reminding me of what he has for me. And that is a promise worth giving my life for.

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