Friday, February 4, 2011


It's everywhere. I don't know where it came from and frankly I am ready for it to go home! This is Texas--- waaay to close to the equator for all this slipery white stuff. In other news, my snow/ice days accomplishments:

Chapters Read for Social Psych: 3
Shakespeare read: 0
Narnia books read: 4
Spanish Homework done: ALL of it
Movies watched: 3
TV shows caught up on: 4
Things baked: 2
Breakfasts-for-dinner: 2
Valentines HAND made: 5 (yeah, five! Then I got bored and cleaned it up....)
Treks up That Hill: 2
Treks to the Nurse's Office: 4
Treks to the Doctor's Office: 1
Second-degree burns from the kettle: 1
Cups of Tea: 20? maybe more or less... there's been a lot
Chocolate overdoses: 2
Times to wear my pretty pink boots: too many to count

So it's been productive. I've talked to my roommates more these past three days than I had the past three weeks. My rain boots are completely broken in and I am very aware of what's going on on Facebook! The time to read and sleep in has been great. And Greer is teaching me geography! Anyway, if you want to come hang out, we have brownie-fudge and tea and a kettle just dying to meet you... :)

Happy Snow days!

(hope it melts soon...)

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