Monday, April 19, 2010

Island of Misfit Toys

So many of my friends are sad right now.
Someone's parents split up.
Someone else is fighting depression.
Someone has dad issues.
Someone's dog is hurt.
Someone is physically very ill.
Someone has some psychological issues.
Someone has financial issues.
Several someones have boy junk.

My life is pretty okay right now. I got some convition on Sunday and my relationships are far from perfect, but life is nice.
I am okay financially.
I have a balanced chemical level in my body.
I have a strong, healthy body that is shedding excess poundage.
My have a strong nuclear family and parents who love me and support me.
Today was the best day of my life so far-- but tommorrow is going to be BETTER!

It's not like my friends have nothing good going on, it just seems like a lot of my close friends are having sorts of crises. And like God has granted me smooth sailing for now so that I can help carry there burdens. I am happy to have burdens to share and it is my joy to pray and listen to and hug and love on these people.

I realize how broken we all are, though, and how this world is so very fallen and far from its Maker. I seriously cannot WAIT for Heaven, yall, it will be better than Dragons!

So for anyone who is hurting today, have a virtual hug *snugs* or go hug someone. I am praying for you. Please tell me if there is anything specific I can pray for you about.

Some of my other friends are in really awesome places right now.
Someone is going on a journey of a life time
Several someones are now engaged.
Someone else is getting to live their passion this summer.
Someone is seeing God's will for her life.
Someone is getting right with God.
Someone is getting right with an estranged friend.
Someone is turning into a new good friend.
Someone else is having a baby.
Someone is getting the financial help they need.
Someone is graduating soon.
Someone is getting to see family soon.
Someone is having an adventure.

I am learning to dream bigger.
God blesses me with great friends
I have new ideas for stories
I have opportunities to be on stage.
Life is grandly beautiful.

Lay your burden at Jesus' feet-- he promised that all who came to him weary and heavy laden would be given rest.
Let me help you carry that yoke.
And let us fly in his promises!

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