Monday, March 22, 2010

Not Much about Not Much

There hasn't been much going on today or yesterday.

Yesterday was church, with PreK in the early service-- I remembered why I love those kids, they are so sweet. (pretty sure one little guy is at least as OCD as me... he lines up bean bags and perfers throwing away trash to eating snack!) Chuch was pretty great-- we talked about church unity and love and sacrifice and just what a beautiful picture the New Testement church gives us. I got to sign up for the women's retreat too.

It is so strange to be a "woman" in the women's ministry now. I am used to following after my mom and her friends before heading off to youth ministry. TCAL has a college ministry, but it's small and mostly helping out with other places in the church (like PreK). Or else I am really out of the loop- lol. Anyways, I have met all these wonderful, wise, fun-loving ladies and they treat me like an adult but they also offer advice and a litstening ear and support. It's so great to have this sisterhood, if you will. I love my friends here, but they can usually only listen and relate, they don't have the life experience that is making these new friendships so valuable. So it's wierd to be in a similar ministry to my mom, but I love it all the same.

Oh! And I totally want to get our kids in TCAL involved in serving too-- we need to find some kid-friendly service opportunities. They already love to helpers in PreK, so why not find somewhere for them to begin engaging their talents for Christ?

Today= work all day. Wrote a paper. Now really zonked. Two more hours to freedom!
(I love my job, I do. Mondays are just so very long.)

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